Capital Homesteading for Every Citizen

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Book Description
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What if

. . . every man, woman and child in America could receive each year through a local bank $3,000 of "interest-free" credit to invest in our nation's growth and new technologies?

. . . every citizen could accumulate tax-free over a lifetime a "capital homestead" of $200,000 that would pay an annual dividend income of $30,000 to meet his or her retirement needs?

. . . this could be done without using any taxpayer dollars and without taking away anyone's wealth? More

Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy at the Lincoln Memorial
Focus on the Fed (streaming video of the event)
Overview of Capital Homesteading
Projected Wealth and Income Accumulations
Accountability and Safeguards
Comparison with Alternative Social Security Plans
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Capital Homesteading for Every Citizen